3 Ways To Light Up Your Wedding Reception | From A Colorado & Arizona Wedding Planner

February 19, 2023

This wedding day was at a secluded mountain venue in Colorado, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t an absolute party! Here are three ways this couple lit up their reception to keep their guests engaged.

1. Neon Sign Backdrop

A neon sign is a great wedding decor investment to use in many ways. Your guests can use it as a photo booth, you can put it behind your cake/sweetheart table, and it can be displayed in your home afterwards! These have been trending in the wedding industry for quite some time, but guests always seem to love them if it means they can snap a pic.

2. Dance Floor Props

Some fun props are never left alone by wedding guests! There are tons of options in this area – glow sticks, light up rings, hats, sunglasses, and more. These will get your guests on the dance floor and encourage them to have fun while your photographer starts snapping away during the dance party.

3. Sparkler Grand Exit

How do you get that perfect, Pinterest worthy shot you’ve seen for years leading up to your wedding? A sparkler exit will NEVER disappoint. Keep in mind, while these are beautiful, there are a few things to know before moving forward:

  • They run out FAST! There is a very short period of time between getting all of them lit up and getting you through the tunnel for photos. You really only have one shot!
  • These can get dangerous with guests who have been drinking. Your planner will do their best to keep an eye on everything, but it is something to consider. We highly suggest passing up on this if you won’t have a planner.
  • Some venues don’t allow sparklers, so if this is a must have for you, make sure you check with your venue before booking.
  • In Colorado, there is almost always a fire ban. You could do everything right and still have to skip your sparkler exit. Just keep this in mind as a realistic exception.

How are you planning to light up your wedding reception? Fill out our form here to start planning your Colorado or Arizona wedding, and we’ll help you come up with a unique way to tell your story!

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