5 Wedding Week Tips

January 2, 2023

Everyone talks about the wedding planning hacks, what to do when leading up to your best day ever, and how to cut costs – but what should you ACTUALLY do the week of your wedding?

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The wedding week can easily make or break you, so let’s dive into the things you need to do to take care of yourself.

Drink Water & Electrolytes

Staying hydrated goes without saying, because trust me, everyone is going to be telling you to drink water. But, we want you to go one step further and add some electrolytes. You might forget to drink as much water as you planned, and even one cocktail will start to dehydrate you. Electrolytes will not only replenish your system but will keep your energy up. Our favorites are Liquid IV and LMNT.

Stay out of the Sun; or Wear SPF like Your Life Depends on it

It might not be possible to completely stay out of the sun, especially if you are having a destination wedding in a warm place. If you’ll be outside, wear SO much sunscreen, and make sure it’s a sunscreen you love! If you aren’t already wearing an SPF as part of your daily beauty routine, find one now! It will help with your skin tone so much, and then you won’t be wearing a new sunscreen the week of your wedding that could potentially make you break out.

Don’t Eat Foods You Don’t Normally Eat

If you have any food sensitivities, or foods that just don’t make you feel your best, avoid those in the days leading up to the wedding. You can enjoy them the day after or on your honeymoon! As tempting as it can be to treat yourself, save it until after you’re through the nuptials and photos. No one wants to feel bloated or have a stomach ache the morning of their wedding.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Alcohol dehydrates you quickly! It’ll not only make you feel icky, but it will dry your skin out and you want your skin as hydrated as possible for makeup application. You’re paying so much for hair and makeup, and you want to get what you paid for!

Keep Your Routine As Normal As Possible

Along with the above recommendations, truly keep your life and routines as normal as possible the week of your wedding. Do you usually go for a walk every day? Make sure you get that in. Do your skincare routines every day, take your vitamins, whatever makes you tick on a typical day – do it!

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What are your plans for your wedding week? Reach out below to let us know how we can help create your dream day!

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