Balloons, Balloons and More Balloons

January 10, 2022

We are loving the trend of balloon d├ęcor. Have you seen some of the events that have been done with balloons? And no, it’s not just baby showers and kid parties. Themed parties really come alive! We have seen holiday parties, birthdays, weddings, showers, retirement parties, etc.

I love fresh florals! There is something so organic about florals in an event space. But unless they are getting donated or have a home to go to after they can be really short lived! While we are here, a great idea is to donate your florals to a retirement home or hospital. Let these beauties bring a smile to those that need it the most.

Balloons are a fun idea to build your colors into your event space. Hear me when I say I am not a fan of eliminating florals. Florals are romantic and glamourous. Balloons are fun and whimsical! Together I think they are magic!

I mean is this not a great photo op background? The neon signs are definitely trending and we are here for it! I would recommend hiring a service that does this for you. They are called Luxury Balloon Stylists. Sounds so elegant but so is their work. Unless you are uber crafty this is something left to professionals. Balloons have come a long way! They have so many colors. It is not just bright blues and pinks anymore. Its pastels and golds. and they are just so darn pretty! I love adding pampas grass and fresh florals.

The hard part is these vendors are not in every market! I would recommend working with your florist if you do not have a vendor in your area. Florists have a artist eye. I would ask your florist if this is something they can help with. Remember, nothing is free so expect an extra charge!

Factor in the elements of course, wind, weather, etc. But if you are looking for something different and fun, this will be one of the next best trends!

Until next time friends, happy planning!

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