The Planner’s Plan

January 10, 2022

Christmas morning this year, was a big day in our house! While opening presents I was brought the sweetest card you have ever read! When reading it, I remember thinking he really is the sweetest guy I know. Then he left the room. When he came back in he had a small blue box. While I knew the size of the box was of that of a ring, I was in a little bit of shock. My two younger brothers were with us, and busy opening their own presents. Shannon did not tell them he had this planned. I think I like that part of it, because they were in just as much shock as I was. My “fiancĂ©” (still trying to get the hang of saying that) and I have been together just short of 6 years. Together we bring 3 children to the our relationship. We basically live a very married life and a very busy one at that! Not only am I starting my own business, we have three very active kids, oh AND I am planning a few other weddings at the moment!

But the real questions become what does the wedding look like? Should we do it in Arizona or Colorado? What will our budget be? What vendors are available? How much time can we dedicate to our own wedding? I have hosted and/or planned over 150 weddings. From large, elegant ballroom weddings to backyard, intimate weddings, I have done them all. I won’t lie, planning my own wedding has me a little stumped. I keep coming back to having it at the home we all share together. Our kids love our home, and I love how many memories we have created here. I will say that I do feel like planning an event outside of a venue does take more work. I tell my clients when doing this remember EVERYTHING has to be brought in. Tables, chairs, china, linen, bathrooms, lighting, tents (weather back up plan), bars, food, ice, glassware, power, etc. I feel very fortunate that I have worked with some great vendors to know right where to start. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my work cut out for me.

Our home sits on 10 acres and while we have tons of room, we have tons of stuff. Including horses, a barn, an arena, hay pasture, farm equipment, etc. How do we make this all fit in? I have no idea yet but here is what I am thinking. Our guests park in our pasture! The arena becomes our dance floor and bar area! We will do some fun lighting, a great band or DJ, cocktail tables and some seating! Our back yard is lit with bistro lights and set with stunner tables! Our miniature donkeys start the party off passing beer/specialty cocktails for an hour or so! Our teepee would be fun for a kid’s lounge with fun neon signage, soft seating, cool lighting, smores, popcorn station and specialty, kiddo drinks!

I know I have my work cut out for me! COVID has made things a bit more challenging as parties are at an all time high. So many couples are playing catch up from cancelled dates and new couples are get engaged by the minute. Not to mention all other social parties that have been rescheduled. Vendors are working hard to try accommodate rescheduled dates and still have availability for new clients. It is both a good feeling and overwhelming feeling for the event industry to be back at it. With that said we may pick a date that works with our favorite vendors, availability. I think this is a change to the way events are being planned. It used to be you pick the date and then line up your vendors. Now it’s almost like you have to pick your vendors and then find a date they can all accommodate.

For now, our guest list is drafted, budget is…..stressing me out and calls are started. I cannot wait to share the process and more importantly to be Mrs. Cassidy Epp! Better run, I have a few things to get started!

Until next time friends, happy planning!

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