Enough About Me

January 9, 2022

This is a long story that I am going to try and make shorter because I have been planning and executing event for over 15 years. I started my career in hotels while I was going to school for something completely different. I was 22 years old when the general manager of the hotel I was working for called me and said, “the assistant general manager position is open, it pays $23K, are you interested?” 23 THOUSAND at 22, it was a no brainer, I was basically rich.

Fast forward 2 years I wanted a change of scenery (I was born and raised in New Mexico, in a small town). So, I did what anyone would do and moved to Los Angeles. Okay maybe not what anyone would do but it sounded good in my head at the time. I didn’t have a job and only found a place to live moments before I arrived in my U-Haul. Needless to say, I found a charming place with 85 roommates and paid a zillion dollars for it! I also found a great job at a hotel right on the ocean. Life was good! I worked 75 hours a week and worked over 65 weddings a year! Good news was I made enough for .25 drafts at Hennessey’s Tavern on the one day off a week I had.

Did the LA thing for 3 years and finally was not feeling the cost of living! I headed out to the Desert in sunny Arizona. I spent 15 years in Arizona working at golf courses, resorts, had my own event planning company when my little guy was a baby, etc. I started as an event coordinator for a golf club and finished my career in AZ as a Director of Catering/Conference service for a beautiful brand-new resort in Paradise Valley. 3 years before I left AZ I met a boy in Colorado, fell in love and now here we are on the Western Slopes of Colorado.

I worked for our County planning our annual week long, Fair & Rodeo. This was an experience out of my comfort zone! But I gained an incredible amount of experience in larger events. Such as concerts, rodeos, motorsport events, etc. The community work involved in this role, was something I am really proud of and so glad I got to be a part of!

So here we are! I again, have started my own event planning business. I am fortunate to have some great relationships in both Arizona and now Colorado. Most of my clients come out of these two states but I also have some destination events on the books that I am super excited about!

To conclude my career has always pretty much navigated itself to greater challenges and for that I am grateful. I have worked in some amazing venues with some unforgettable teams. When people ask me why I choose this career it is simply because, I LOVE parties! Are they the stressful, yes! Are they memories my clients will have forever, also yes! And that’s all worth the stress to me. I feel very fortunate.

But enough about me! I am happy doing what I love and I can’t wait to engage with new clients!

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