Is It Really Worth It

January 9, 2022

Why Hire an Event Planner?

Don’t get me wrong, for a lot of people this will be the first thing they do. They know they don’t know where to start or how to piece their event together. That doesn’t mean that those that book planners do not have a vision or maybe they already know who they want to caterer or how they want their centerpieces to look. There is not a rule book on when to spend the money and book a planner. In fact, some people start the process and then look for a planner. Some wait until a month or two before the event and look for help leading up to the event.

Here is where I see our service being most helpful. First and foremost, having a planner there during your event is your best investment and here is why. The day of your big event is now here, and you have all vendors coming in at all times of the day to set up drop off deliveries, decorate, etc. Most clients want to enjoy this day whether it be a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary event or a corporate function. Weddings however can be an all-weekend thing. You have family in town, a welcome party, a farewell brunch, etc. This is where having a planner is priceless. Clients can enjoy their time with their family and friends while your planner can ensure all vendors are where they should be, set up on time, champagne has arrived, etc. You would be amazed as to how many details come together in the final hours.

Second BIG reason why a planner is helpful, is that planners plan events all the time and we are know to save our clients money. Especially if you are planning an event where you need to bring in everything (food, alcohol, bartender, décor, tables, chairs, etc.). We can help with knowing how much alcohol you need, what options you have for décor to help save on cost and what vendors to use that suite your needs. Here is where you are thinking yeah, but I have to pay the planner, so I am not really saving any money. Maybe not, but you are adding a service for basically the cost of the items you would have overspent on and possibly not ever used.

Let’s revisit the “we plan events all the time”. When we meet with our clients to talk about initial details we come up with a checklist of items that should be consider when planning your event. A lot of these details are some that are never thought about or not until a few days before which adds to the stress. For example, you have hired a caterer, but they are serving a buffet and servers will not be needed. That sounds easy enough but who clears the tables for you guests? Are you okay with their plates sitting on the tables all night? Who will serve coffee and water? Who will cut your cake? Maybe you have some “fun family dynamics”, do you let everyone choose their own seat or do you have to plan where everyone sits because maybe someone needs to be at a different table than someone else. These are all things that planners can help you with. We have been through almost every scenario and can help you to have an event that is a lot less stressful than it has to be.

Having someone to handle sticky situations or last-minute decision is a service you will be happy you decided to do. I know there is almost always a sibling that has planned an event or a mom that has it covered. But why put them through it? Isn’t your relationship with said person worth keeping? Okay it’s not that bad but remember they are your guest too and should be able to enjoy all that comes with being a guest of a great party!

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