Four Unique Table Number Ideas For Your Wedding – From an Arizona & Colorado Wedding Planner

November 30, 2022

It is ALWAYS a good idea to have assigned seating at your wedding. In case you didn’t know, wedding guests like to be told what to do! As your wedding planner, we highly recommend a seating chart.

We all know why they are called table “numbers” – but how can we make it about more about you? Your wedding day is about telling your story, so don’t make it boring! Here are 4 ideas we’ve executed from both Colorado and Arizona weddings that will spark your imagination.

1. Board Games

Nathalie & Zachary used board games to label their reception tables at their Colorado wedding. Scroll to see some of the games they used! Vista View Events is a venue with a blank canvas, so the colorful boxes didn’t overpower or clash with the design.

2. Your Favorite Places

Name your tables after your favorite places or locations you’ve travelled, and add to the storytelling with drawings of the location like these vow books. This will give your wedding guests something interesting to look at without sacrificing aesthetic!

3. Plant Lady?

How can you add more flowers without breaking the bank?

Alex & Aaron nailed this one! Each table featured a plant with the table number on the pot, and a succulent was placed at each seat as a wedding favor for the guests.

This was a great way to green up their reception space on a bit of a budget.

4. Meet-Cute Pun

Megan & Nick met on a dating app, so it only made sense to make a nod to that at their Arizona wedding! The wording on their seating chart signage perfectly addressed their meet-cute.

Since the app was Bumble, we had hexagons made to place on the shelves that would sport the guest names and corresponding table number.

Still not sure how to incorporate your love story into your table numbers? Follow us on Pinterest for daily inspiration.

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