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November 5, 2022

Oftentimes, couples glaze over the fact that their wedding should be a reflection of their love and get lost in the way things are usually done. Your wedding day should be tailored to your personalities, likes, dislikes, and hobbies as a couple. What makes you, you?

As a wedding planner based in both Colorado and Arizona, we have seen our fair share of pets incorporated into wedding days through signature cocktails, signage, and dessert! Don’t get me wrong – we love the signature cocktail of your dog. We don’t want to stop those!

What we ARE saying, is that’s not the only way to personalize your wedding. Throughout this blog, we will highlight different aspects of your wedding day and explain exactly how to personalize those.

Welcome Bags

We are HUGE fans of welcome bags for so many reasons – but for this reasons of this blog, it allows for so much personalization. Your favorite snacks, candy, colors, gifts, photos, and so much more can go in your welcome bag! Along with all of this, include a thank you not and a blurb about you two as a couple. Your guests will not only feel so loved, but will feel close to you as well. You only have so much time to talk to everyone, and this will make them feel seen.


Your save the dates and wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding weekend – so make sure it gets your guests excited! But how can you tell your story through stationery?

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What are your favorite animals? Do you have any hobbies? Anything that you find joy in on your own time? 

Your stationer can source stamps that include these aspects in them – such as different animals, buildings, people and elements. Particularly with vintage stamps, incredible designs can be found that speak to who you are. The best part is, with vintage stamps, oftentimes quite a few are needed on each envelope to cover the cost of the current postage. This means you can incorporate several of your favorite things, not just one! These also have a huge impact on your guests and I guarantee you will get all the compliments.

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We see venue illustrations on save the dates and invitation suites all the time, and we LOVE them! What about taking it one step further, and making that illustration of a place that is important to you? This could be of the place you got engaged, a favorite hike or park, a favorite city, the list goes on. Consider putting an illustration of your favorite place on your save the dates instead of the venue!


When your guests sit down for dinner, this is the longest amount of time they will be in one place! Meaning, it’s the perfect spot to keep things interesting and tell a story.

You have the opportunity to pull in whatever theme you used in your seating chart (keep reading) to your tables, such as places you’ve traveled or music themes. You also have the opportunity to detail your menus with aspects you love. This can be illustrations or letterpress design on the menus, wax seals with your monogram or an element you love, or even a personalized thank you note!

Seating Chart

This is a place that your guests pay close attention to – for good reason! It’s important to utilize it to your advantage. Let’s think about your favorite things again and turn that into a unique piece. Do you have a favorite artist or type of music? Name the tables after musicians or songs. Do you love to travel or explore? Let’s incorporate your favorite places you’ve been (and maybe an illustration of it, like we talked about earlier!).


We’ve all seen the little dog figurine taking a bite out of your wedding cake – let’s take it one step further. Do you have a type of food that you are passionate about like Mexican, French, or Italian? Serve assorted desserts that speak to that culture. Do you love your grandma’s cookie recipe? Have cookies! It’s more than just having your favorite dessert at your wedding – it’s about creating an experience from it. 

Are you looking for a wedding planner who can bring your vision to life while telling the story of your love? Cassidy & Co Events is based in Colorado and Arizona, serving wherever you want to take us! 

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